Young boy walking on a bridge in Bhutan lined with prayer flags Museum Hotel grounds and pool in Turkey Two hikers in Coyote Buttes. The Coyote Buttes area, on the Utah/Arizona border, is most popular for a multi-colored sandstone rock formations. 5 people on a gondola flotilla ride in Venice Evening view of a camp in the Sahara Desert with several tents. Peru Landscape with mountain range in the background Photographer setting up a shoot of the sun going down across the ocean with the sun peaking through a wooden bridge a woman in Marrakech Morocco wearing a blue headress. Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo View of a great expanse of ocean with sail boats taken from the shores of Saint Lucia Hot Air Ballons float over Cappadocia, Turkey Stack of Spices in Spice Bazaar, Istanbul Hiker taking in the views in Santorini, a Greek Island in the South Aegean Sea Giraffe at Kruger National Park, in northeastern South Africa, one of Africa’s largest game reserves Overwater Bungalow perched above the sea in Bora Bora Woman laying down on a rodiron bed reading a book on the grassy plain with many zebra in the background in Tanzania in East Africa Hand crafted, colorful Morocco shoes on display in the market
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